Master the art and practice of moving from inside. Move from parts to whole,  connect with your innate inner wisdom, and live with greater ease, purpose and joy.

Vijnana Yoga Offerings

Road to Mastery: Deepen Your Practice

The ultimate in guided practice and self inquiry, these 4 hour classes teach you the joys of moving from inside to express your authentic self and live a happier, healthier life. Or stay until 2:30pm and join the Transformations Mentorship Program for discussions on topics such as yoga philosophy, biotensegrity,  personal practice and teaching.

Wednesdays, Vancouver
Road to Mastery 8:30am-12:30pm $240 each
Mentorship 8:30am-2:30pm $350 each

Three 5 week sessions per year
January 11-Feb 8, March 29-May 3, September 27 – October 25

Click here for Winter Session details and registration

Practice Retreats: Gift of Peace and Growth

Spring, summer and fall retreats include: sitting, pranayama, asana, philosophy; silent mornings, home cooked meals and solitary walks. These practice retreats offer you expert guidance and the gift of peace and growth away from the business of daily life.
March 11-19, Gabriola Island, Tuition $960
September 1-4, Loon Lake, Tuition $480
November 11-17, Gabriola Island, tuition $840

Click here for Spring Retreat details and registration


Vijnana Yoga Training: Sharing Your Passion

To embark on the Vijnana Yoga Training is to make a commitment to your own growth and authenticity. In three years, you learn to embody the practice from inside and to allow teaching to unfold as the expression of your essential truths. Please contact Chris to customize a program that meets your needs. (Contact Chris to be added to the waitlist for an info meeting on January 7th,  2017)

All partipants complete:
Spring and Fall Retreats
Plus choose option A or B below

Option A:
Summer Retreat
Online learning: anatomy, philosophy, monthly group meetings, online forum (approx. $985)
Option B:
Three – 5 week Mentorship Sessions
Online learning as required

Pay for all components separately (tuition: approximately $3,350 depending on course customization) or register for the three year program for an annual tuition rate of $2,990.  Room and board options range from $90-$150/night based on retreat location and shared or private room)

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Embodied Biotensegrity

The 50 hour Embodied Biotensegrity Training teaches you the fundamentals of biotensegrity, introduces you to the latest in fascial research and invites you to move from inside to discover new insights into the practicing and teaching of any movement anatomy and modality. In this training, we work within an overarching framework of knowledge generation. We build on the foundations of presence (a state of being alert, aware, receptive and connected), heterarchy (a system of organization where the elements are unranked) and community (we work together towards a common goal). We will enquire into biotensegrity, fascia, and yoga philosophy, and their integration into our individual bodies of knowledge, our unique teaching lives and our personal practices.

• Vancouver:  April 11- 2017 – Embodied Biotensegrity Training
Details – Registration 

• Toronto: June 2017 – Embodied Biotensegrity Training (details coming soon)
Join our June in Toronto Embodied Biotensegrity Waitlist

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