Vijnana Yoga Immersion with Chris Clancy
May 5-9, 2018
Round House Farm, Victoria

5 day Vijnana Yoga Immersion in Victoria
5 day Vijnana Yoga Immersion in Victoria

Postponed until next year.

The Heart of Yoga Immersion helps you build a yoga practice that will nurture and inspire you through all stages of life. One that will help you feel better in your body AND tap into a sense of peace even with times get busy.

Five full days of guided practice take you deep inside to connect with your own uniqueness and discover the unchanging oneness of all.

This Vijnana Yoga Immersion offers you:

  • The strong AND soft: a daily practice syllabus that is clear yet not rigid
  • The Principles of Vijnana Yoga: to tap into the wisdom of the body for a practice that offerings ongoing insights and grow with you
  • The opportunity to be witnessed from inside, and by the eyes of teacher (since 1992) and to be guided in a way that serves your unique goals and needs
  • Connection to a community of dedicated yoga practitioners for support, learning and sharing



The general shape of the day includes:

Silent morning practice

Afternoon Discussions: Yoga Philosophy & Biotensegrity, the new anatomy of wholeness and movement

Afternoon asana workshops



9am: Chai and chat – get to know your fellow yogis
9:30am Morning Session
12:30pm lunch
1:30pm -5:30pm afternoon session (30 minute break)

Sunday and Monday

  • 7:30am-12:30pm morning session with 30 minute break
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • 2-5pm afternoon session


  • 7:30am-12:30pm morning session with 30 minute break
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • 1:30/2pm-4pm afternoon session
  • 5:30 dinner

7:30am-12:30pm morning session with 30 minute break
12:30pm lunch
1:30pm-3:30pm afternoon session and close

Register Now space is limited

Or call (604-505-3945) or Email Chris to book a call and  find out more about the year long immersion or the Vijnana Yoga Teacher Training and get the support you need to make this a life long yoga and meditation practice.


 My experience with the workshops and trainings I’ve done with Chris have been nothing
short of life changing. Her experience in teaching, and her ongoing quest and openness to continue her own personal learning, make her a humble and vastly diverse teacher. Her knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy, biotensegrity, and asana practice are beyond what I can comprehend. Chris is a natural born teacher, sharer, and comedian, and her enthusiasm for all things yoga is infectious. I am continuously inspired by her teaching, and her way of being and moving in the world. I laughed until I cried through her training and workshops. Chris refined my postures and practice in such subtle ways, but in these subtleties I discovered MASSIVE change. The subtle work is so profound, and Chris can and will show you the way unique to YOU. From beautiful stories, to wonderful open discussions with Chris and my fellow trainees, I learned more in one week with her than I have in my six years of practicing yoga. Chris is no doubt one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from, and I can HIGHLY recommend to anyone, from any style or practice of yoga to take a training with her…It will change your perspective, and open your mind forever. 

Jasmin Parkin, Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner, Musician, Squamish

Your teaching brings alive the heart of Vijnana yoga, with attention to breath, rootedness, intent and the other principles being far more than a physical, material thing. The way you embody the teaching touches me deeply, encouraging me to overcome my fears and truly explore within. My learning overflows into the rest of my life, enriching it and my family, and I am grateful. Thank you, Chris, purveyor of love and light. 

Emily Erickson McCullum, Yoga Teacher, Bowen Island



2017 Registration: Full Payment 
$600, including a $200 non-refundable deposit. Prices going up in 2018.

2017 Registration: Payment Plan 
$650 total  – $200 deposit due upon registration, plus $150 payments due on February 1, March 1 and April 1, 2018

2018 Registration: Full Payment 
$750 total: including a $250 non-refundable deposit

2018 Registration: Payment Plan 
$750 total: $250 non-refundable deposit $500 due 60 days before start (March 5)

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