Lighting the Path for Embodied Wholeness

chris_bio_1Chris Morita Clancy, a teacher of teachers, began her yoga journey 30 years ago.

Dedicated to yoga as a life practice, Chris helps her students uncover the ‘living’ yoga by moving beyond the physical reward toward an inward journey that extends long after the class is over.

Chris invites her students to move inward from gross to subtle experiences of body, breath and consciousness as they deepen their yoga practice. She weaves together lessons from a daily practice with the emerging science of biotensegrity to bring a new perspective to anatomy, movement, and yoga, teaching the experience of balance, ease, and freedom as a natural state of being.

Chris brings Embodied Biotensegrity courses to yoga teachers and health and wellness professionals, is a board member of the Stephen M. Levin Biotensegrity Archive and has made contributions to upcoming books with Handspring Publishing. She is registered and certified with: Vijnana Yoga International, International Yoga Teachers Association, Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500, YACEP) and the South Okanagan Yoga Academy.


Chris is grateful to her many teachers and mentors including Orit Sen-Gupta and Gioia Irwin of the Vijnana Yoga lineage, and biotensegrity pioneers Dr. Stephen Levin, Susan Lowell de Soloranzo and Graham Scar.  She shares her first teacher trainer Mugs McConnell’s commitment to Swami Sivananda’s words  “The paths are many, the Truth is One”


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