The next Vijnana Yoga Training with Chris is gathering momentum. If you are ready to dedicate three years to diving deep into personal practice, self study, and authentically sharing an embodied yoga practice from inside, read on to find more about the program and how you can get started.

The Vijnana Yoga training begins by building the foundations of a deep personal practice; we ask our senses to turn inward and cultivate a way of listening, looking, sensing from inside that tunes us to subtler levels of awareness. We learn to touch the silence and stillness that is always present, but so often covered. We experience the freedom and joy of becoming part of a safe, community founded in sharing, learning and growing. We experience shifts in everyday life as the lessons on our mat unfold into our entire being. Once we have established this foundation, we begin the second stage of training: we find ourselves able to express and share the truths we discover in our practice, and the teacher within begins to emerge. From here, we build our tools for teaching and we continue to deepen our practice and inner explorations. The final stage of the training is one of continued exploration and refinement on all levels. Those who have successfully completed the personal practice, attendance and assignment requirements and who embody the Vijnana practice will be invited to partake in a final evaluation with Orit Sen Gupta and Chris in order to be granted an 800 hour Vijnana Yoga International Certification.

The 800 hour training takes place over three years.

The program includes:

  • Two retreats a year:
    • an annual spring retreat with Chris, (approximately two weeks long)
    • an annual fall retreat with Chris, or with Vijnana Yoga Founder Orit Sen Gupta
  • Online learning including meetings on Zoom
  • Establishing and maintaining a daily personal practice
  • Assignments including book reports, lesson plans, a didactic paper and a final assignment
  • Teaching practicum
  • Evaluations
  • Tuition will be approximately $3,000 per year. Room and board to be paid separately.

Please contact Chris at 604-505-3945 or to find out more.


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