Many of you know that I’m on a mission to help bring biotensegrity to the world. One of my current projects is recording discussions with some of the leaders in the field and creating short videos like this one, for the Biotensegrity Archive Youtube channel.

This one addresses the question of how you apply biotensegrity to practice. Biotensegrity reflects nature’s design so people¬†whose practice has arisen from attunement to inner sensations immediately find resonance with the theory. They are excited to find a model of the body that explains what they feel inside. They ask new questions and discover new insights.

Enjoy the video.

I’ll be in Victoria on May 4th for a full day workshop to help you wake up to the biotensegral being that you always aready are. You’ll come away with a whole new experience of being plus the tools you need to help your students find this same sense of balance, integration, ease and connection.

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