I am excited to be sharing biotensegrity with a whole new group of yogis at the Northwest Yoga Conference in Seattle, WA in January. I’ll be taking in several workshops and teaching on Sunday morning and would love to see you there.

Enter to win a free pass here: www.nwyogaconference.com/2020-pass-giveaway

Biotensegrity and Yoga:

An interactive discussion and experiential exploration of tensegrity in the body. It will change the way you practice, the way you teach and even the way you see the world.

This workshop is for teachers, body nerds and curious learners ready for a paradigm shift in the way they understand the body: from parts to whole, from body as machine to body as a living, breathing, and self-developed and from hierarchy and mind over matter to heterarchy where each part, no matter how large or small, influences all the others in all directions.