Hello World! This is it, my first official blog and on the new Chris Clancy website. I’ve been resisting this for years, and now it is time to stretch my boundaries. I am so excited about bringing together biotensegrity and Vijnana Yoga that I needed to find a way to share beyond the yoga studio walls.

It has been a big year for allowing action to spring from inside. I rest in the pause, making space for not knowing and have found that the directions that arise from this stillness inevitably take me just where I need to be in order to learn, grow and contribute.

This practice has taught me much about patience, faith, service and dharma. I’m learning to witness self-doubt with curiosity, and to act not from fear but rather to act upon the deeper voice that feels like inner knowing. I’ve found myself being offered incredible opportunities to learn and share, as well as a willingness to face some long established resistances.

My passion for biotensegrity continues to grow the more I learn about the paradigm. It is exciting to discover how the principles of Vijnana Yoga are explained by biotensegrity, and to see how the principles of biotensegrity are reflected in ancient yoga texts. Biotensegrity is not only relevant to practitioners of Vijnana, it speaks to all of us who are working with or living in a body and interested in understanding connections, continuities and wholeness.

I’ve been sharing the embodied biotensegrity paradigm with teachers of all styles of yoga through in-person trainings. It’s been a truly rewarding experience for all participants.

My new website aims to support the next step in sharing this game-changing content by offering an online embodied biotensegrity course and community. This is where I step into the unknown and push up against my comfort zone! Please stay tuned and join me.


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