Register now for this online course with the brilliant yogi, biotensegrity pioneer and author Joanne Avison. Joanne weaves together spirit, movement, science and yoga like no other.

This course presents the geometry of rounded, biological forms and how we self-assemble under nature’s rules of soft-matter and self-assembly. We explore the basic geometry of the pre-embryonic forming that Biotensegrity explains. The fascial matrix, our primary sensory organ of form, organizes us as rounded adaptable responsive creatures with unique movement signatures. How can we deepen our vitality, breath and movement by tuning ourselves, physically and philosophically, to our unique purpose? We will discover in this course how yoga already contains this ancient wisdom and learn how to explore it, through our own personal senses, and any movement practice, using three different take-home exercises.

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PS. Joanne’s book is a resourse that you will turn to for years to come.  You can click on the image to purchase it from  (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

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