Long chilly winter nights bring time for stillness, reflection and dreaming.

What insights have you realized?

What inspirations call you?



My musings on 2018…

Yin time, going in time – for months and months and months. Chrysalis a forced retreat from life’s responsibilities – caterpillar soup inside a silk cocoon. Only I do not emerge a butterfly fully formed, ready to create life anew. I slowly take on new clothes, the old not yet fully digested and released. Impulse, intuition guide my way. Scaley patterns shift, form and shift again on newfound wings, slowly drying…

So I remain in transformation, old roles, habits and desires have dissolved.
Morning movement practices are intuitive and exploratory, not yet ready to be articulated. A new daily practice, swimming in the sea, brings back a feeling of resilience. Facing the natural fear of submerging in frigid winter waters has helped quell lingering symptoms of hyperarousal after the injury. I feel the joy of following my heart’s calling and living an authentic (if eccentric) life.

I enter 2019 embracing the unknown, resisting the urge to construct a life based on habits of the past. It is hard to let go of things that I love but I have learned the dangers of holding on too tightly or too long. For now, my offerings are few – a monthly satsang in Deep Cove and an online course on biotensegrity with John Sharkey.

I trust the flow will carry me to new unfoldings and hope that this journey will somehow serve you as well. I hold you in my heart. Let’s stay connected.

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