This past year has been transformative for me. Middle age hit full force and brought the challenges of sciatica, hot flashes, joint instability and the drive to address life long habitual patterns. I experienced the joy and pride of seeing my students becoming certified Vijnana Yoga Teachers upon graduating from three years of training. I cried tears of heart ache as a friendship turned challenging. I asked questions when once I would be silent. I let myself feel anger, an emotion long repressed in order to feel safe.

Slowly, slowly, I am peeling away protective layers of habit that have hindered my ability to serve fully. I am leaning into discomfort and cultivating a willingness to be more visible, to respectfully disagree, and to release perfectionist tendencies. I am a work in progress and my practice is a thread woven through my life. It mends the worn and broken pieces with stitches running deep to the centre of my being. It connects me to the untouched state of pure consciousness from which I can witness the ups and downs of life.

I am blessed to have had many mentors. As I navigate the transitions of my life, I recognize that my tendency to want to please them by emulating their work is not the best way of honouring their gifts. Rather, I must continue to celebrate and acknowledge their work and at the same time, process, learn and share what is true in my body and my life. Gioia Irwin, Orit Sen Gupta, of the Vijnana Yoga lineage, Mugs McConnell of SOYA, Stephen Levin and Susan Lowell of the Biotensegrity Archive, my parents, spouse and kids – none of these people want or need me to be imitations of the themselves. Rather, they want me to learn, grow, create new knowledge and thrive, just as I wish for my own students and children.

I will be spending six weeks away learning this summer at The Movement Research Intensive with Frey Faust and Diane Bruni, The Biotensegrity Informed Dissection with John Sharkey and Joanne Avison, and the Vijnana Yoga retreat and training with Orit Sen Gupta. August will primarily be a time of integrating exploring and creating on my own in preparation for the next terms teachings. I will continue to lead you into inner enquiry based on the four pillars of Vijnana Yoga (sitting, pranayama, asana and study of texts) and will share insights gained as I continue to explore biotensegrity from inside. You’ll find more about my summer and fall offerings on my blog.

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