Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

Papa bear’s porridge is too hot and his bed too hard. Mama bear’s porridge is too cold and her bed too soft. Baby bear’s porridge and baby bear’s bed are just right, so these are what she chooses to stay with. When we take this childhood story into our yoga practice we are reminded to explore different options and listen within. We choose that just right action that helps us feel great in our bodies and serves us in our lives.

Our time on the yoga mat is an invitation to feel and understand from inside. We cultivate interoception, the perception of  internal sensations. We find that we develop curiosity and are able to remain mindful for longer periods. We begin to hear and heed the wisdom of the body choosing right action at any given moment.

We weave this key lesson into our explorations on and off the mat at the day retreat on August 19. We compare the body’s response to different techniques in movement so that each person can discovers her unique expression of a posture (asana). We discuss Patanjali’s sutras on asana to make ancient yoga philosophy relevant in our lives today. And we look at how biotensegrity – the new anatomy of wholeness and movement – can support our practice on all levels.


There are links below for those of you wishing to purchase books and props that were referenced and used at the retreat.*



Healthy Fascia

Poetry and Philosophy


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